May 14

Six-armed Mahakala Worldwide Practice Follow-up

Dear Dharma friends,

We would post the number of mantras accumulated in the Six-armed Mahakala worldwide practice on 29th each Lunar month.

Till now, according to the emails that we have received, we have accumulated 513 342 times of reciting the mantra of Six-armed Mahakala.

May we make our dedication together, following the text composed by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche:

Any positive merits I dedicate to the prosperity of the Buddha Dharma, to the longevity of all the great masters, to the harmony and wisdom and truthfulness of the worldwide sanghas, and to the liberation of all the sentient beings from the illusion of samsara.

Please remember to try to make small offerings to Six-armed Mahakala on the Special Day of each Lunar month.

Best wishes

With our love and respect from Shangpa Team