Jul 01

Registration | The Grand Shangpa Kagyu Empowerment

Dear Dharma friends,

We are pleased to announce that registration and application are now open for the Grand Shangpa Kagyu Empowerment that will take place from October 3rd through the 6th, 2019. This is being organized by Shangpa Kagyu Asia under the guidance of Kalu Rinpoche.

The empowerments will take place from October 3 to 6, 2019 at: VIE Hotel Bangkok, 117/39-40 Phaya Thai Road, Ratchathewi 10400 Bangkok Thailand.

Please fill out an application along with your payment to the link below. You will receive a confirmation email after successful submission. If you encountered any difficulties during the process or wish to use an alternate payment method, contact asia@paldenshangpa.org .

  • There is no fee for the empowerments and teachings.
  • Participants will share the rent ($233 for the four days) for the meeting hall that also includes other expenses for the event. Personal accommodations and meals are not included.
  • Children between 5 and 12 years old will only need to pay $73 for the four days.
  • Monastics please apply through asia@paldenshangpa.org .
  • Registration will close when the capacity of the meeting hall has been reached.

Fee (USD) / four-day
23373 (for 5-12 years old)


You’re welcomed to sponsor this event through the payment link below or contact asia@paldenshangpa.org.


October 3rd
Vajrakilaya (Dorje Purba)
Hayagriva (Tamdrin)
Four Deities Combined (Lhashi Drilbu)
Milarepa homage to all Gurus (Mila Lhadrup)

October 4th
Four different 6-arm Mahakala empowerments:
Inseparable Guru Mahakala (Lhargo Yerme)
Eliminating Contaminations (Dipsel)
All Dakinis (Khandro Wangdu)
Removal of all obstacles (Barche Kunsel)

October 5th
White Mahakala (Gongkar)
Short Ritual of Five Deities (Tsoldu)
Prayers upon waking up (Tangway Naljor)
Water Torma Offering (Chutor)
Six-armed Mahakala Druptab Transmission (A Treasury of Beneficent Activity)
First Three volume of Shangpa Texts transmission

October 6th
Green Tara
White Tara
Joyful Feast Offering

All empowerments and transmissions will take place in the afternoon after lunch.

Everyday morning group practice:
Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche
Praise of the Twelve Deeds of the Buddha
Prayers upon waking up
Water Torma Offering
21 Praises to Tara
Aspiration Prayer of Samantabadhra
Three Shangpa Aspiration Prayers
Diamond Sutra
Heart Sutra

Jul. 1st, 2019
Shangpa Kagyu Asia