Feb 24

Kalu Rinpoche | Losar New Year

Hello, Tashi Delek to all the Dharma brothers and sisters here, and I want to say many good wishes with the deepest prayer from my heart to all of you with full dedication.

I think it is very important to let all of you know that, of course some of you might have a lot of understanding about Buddhism, the spiritual understanding, some of you are simply starting. Regardless whether we are beginner, whether we are simply practitioner, whatever the current stage we be, the most important is that, continuity with your positive mindset, and then also with the prayer to the Six-armed Mahakala, and also with the sense of meditation, especially today, with meditation, and a little bit of Mahakala Puja, and Palden Lhamo offering.

I think it’s very important because many people in the New Year celebration, people only look outside, whether there is firework, whether there is big noise or sound or dance, only on the outside directions. So we as practitioner, of course you are free to experience whatever you wish, but the most important is not to forget to look inside, into our mind, and that is to practice with meditation, with Samatha and Vipassana, that’s No.1. And No.2 is to protect us and also to bless us and also to give us the positive fortunate path in our life, to make prayers to Palden Lhamo and then Six-armed Mahakala.

That’s it for this time. Many Tashi Delek and Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you very much!


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Losar New Year