May 08

Shangpa Monlams 2018 – Gift of precious stones

Large green Tara mandala

Dear friends,
As you know, our great summer pujas will be devoted to Tara in 2018. Following the tradition established by Bokar Rinpoche, two large mandalas will be erected. The bronze supporting rings will have the same shape as those used for the mandala offering practice, with a basis and several rings for the successive levels. The largestwill be about 80 cm in diameter et some 15 cm high.

Kalu Rinpoche has requested that these bases be adorned with precious stones offered by faithful friends of the temple such as yourself. They will be fixed on their sides where they will henceforth remain to embellish the ceremonial objects belonging to the temple.

You can start sending such stone, particularly turquoises which are traditional in Tibet, but also other precious stones. They should not be too small in order to be suited to the size of the mandala. Coral should be avoided as it is a living being.

We hope you will be able to attend these great summer ceremonies and see with your own eyes the outcome of the generosity of the sangha. If not, you will also be able to admire the resulting mandalas on the photos we shall post on the website.

Wishing you the best in your practice !

For the attention of Lama Puntsok
Château de Plaige
71320 La Boulaye