Dec 01

First North American Shangpa Mönlam – August 1-4, 2019 | KSK Santa Fe

Ven. Lama Karma Dorje, Ven. Lama Mingma Sherpa, and the KSK Board are very pleased to announce that Santa Fe has been chosen as the site of the First North American Shangpa Monlam.

The term Monlam means the path of aspiration and is a form of prayer. It refers to the tradition of the great prayer gathering that has historically been part of Tibetan New Year celebrations for more than 600 years. During a Monlam, the participants recite prayers with the aspiration to liberate all sentient beings from suffering and for all to achieve enlightenment. In recent years Monlam has been revived by many lineage traditions, and HE Kalu Rinpoche has revived the Shangpa tradition prayer gathering, most recently held in La Boulaye France.