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Children and Lamas in Sonada and Salugara
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Please donate to Samdrub Darjay Chöling Monastery today, children are counting on you.

  • A donation of 20 € can buy 5 doses of combination vaccines to protect the children
    A donation of 20 € can buy 5 school books for children
  • A donation of 40 € can buy 1 white board and posters
    A donation of 40 € / month can keep 1 child in high school for 1 year
  • A donation of 100 € allows for regular check-ups and medical care for 1 child during 1 year
    A donation of 100 € can buy school and personal supplies for 1 child for 1 school year
  • A donation of 200 € can buy 1 small sound system for the music classes
  • A donation of 300 € can buy 1 laptop PC for the science classes
  • A donation of 400 € can buy 1 projector for powerpoints and videos, shown especially in science classes
  • A donation of 500 € can keep 1 child in high school for 1 year
Giving a Monthly Donation is the best way to Help the Children

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