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His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche
Gently Whispered; Oral Teachings by the Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche

A direct and in-depth collection of oral teachings on Refuge, Nature of Mind, Death and Rebirth and Chenrezi Meditation.

Station Hill Press, 1995
Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism; The Gem Ornament of Manifold Instructions

A presentation Buddhist Paths common to all Tibetan Lineages with clear detailed instruction on the Preliminary Practices.

Snow Lion Publications, 2004
Dharma That Illuminates All Beings Impartially

Collection of discourses on the 4 noble Truths, the Bardo, Buddhist Vows, Mandala Offerings, Mahamudra Meditation and more presented in America.

University of New York Press 1986
Luminous Mind; The Way of the Buddha

The full range of Buddhist Practices from the basic analysis of the Nature of Mind to its ultimate refinement in the teachings of Mahamudra.

Wisdom Publications, 1997
Secret Buddhism Vajrayana Practices

Essentials of Empowements, Preliminary Practices, Vows, the 6 Yoga's of Naropa and Tibetan Medicine. Relationship between teacher and student and history of Shangpa Kagyu

Clearpoint Press, 1995
Profound Buddhism From Hinayana to Vajrayana

Teachings on human existence, the nature of mind, impermanence, karma, Samsara, pacifying afflicting emotions and the body-mind relationship.

Clearpoint Press, 1995
Excellent Buddhism An Exemplary Life

Teachings and biographical reminiscences on the Ven. Kalu Rinpoche. Inspirational stories of past Buddhist Practitioners allow us to discover the life of Awakened Beings.

Clearpoint Press, 1995
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